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Gordon Waite's YouTube Views Skyrocketing

Gordon's YouTube channel has accumulated over 750,000 of views! 

"I began my mirror-making career way back in the 1960’s and remember how difficult it was to learn the craft", says Gordon. "While I had the best teachers, such as Jean Texereau, Albert Ingalls, and Allyn Thompson, their advice and help came through a single path, the written word.  And I still remember the difficulty of learning how to pour a pitch lap or interpret a Foucault shadow with just a few paragraphs of prose to help."

"With the advent of YouTube, I have found a great way to give back to the Amateur Telescope Making community by contributing DIY videos on the trials and tribulations of mirror making. Over the last few years I have been delighted to find that those videos have become a wonderful two-way street.  I now have ATM friends all over the world."

"I am regularly involved in email exchanges with my fellow makers, helping them as best as possible to overcome problems and move ahead with their mirror-making projects.  There is a huge satisfaction in hearing other makers relate their successes and seeing all those projects achieve that “first light” status.  Overcoming the natural inclination to hide all those little mirror making secrets has led to so many friendships, and has provided enjoyment that I never expected."

"The most popular video on my channel, ‘Parabolizing a 20” Mirror, Part 2: Deepening the Curve,’ has been seen by over 66,000 viewers.  I want to thank all of those folks for the views and I am setting my sights on adding even more subscribers to my channel.   To watch any of my videos, visit"

"If you have any questions about mirror-making or telescope-building, please don’t hesitate to email me."

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Gordon Waite's videos on YouTube have been viewed over 623,000 times!