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12.5-Inch Renegade Telescope Available

Waite Research is now featuring a 12.5” Renegade telescope. This innovative telescope design offers exquisite night views of Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon, as well as open clusters, nebulae and galaxies. And the portability of this instrument will make it a joy to use for those quick driveway and front-lawn observing sessions. 

“The benefits of our Renegade design are now becoming apparent." says Gordon Waite. "Our edge in technology and fabrication techniques allow us to produce a superior product at a competitive price. And we are putting the amazing convenience and performance of short-focus optics into a more beautiful telescope structure.”

This 12.5" telescope includes a premium, hand-figured, Waite Research mirror and the top-end Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser. The price for the 12.5" Renegade telescope is $4,250 plus shipping from New Jersey. Email or call 732-977-2744 to place an order for your dream scope today.