The Renegade telescope design gives you feet-on-the-ground observing...leave your ladder at home.

Watch how easy it is to assemble a 20" F3.0 Renegade Telescope

Modern Telescope Design

  • Superior observing experiences

  • Beautifully balanced

  • Very wide field is exceptional for open clusters, galaxies, and nebulae

  • Premium hand-figured Waite Research mirror for superb contrast and resolving power

  • Comfortable observing with both feet on the ground

  • Easy to transport and quick to set up

Superior Optics

Waite Research manufactures premium telescope mirrors ranging from 10" to 25" in diameter for Renegade telescopes.

Polishing a Waite Research Premium Telescope Mirror


For Renegade telescope orders and delivery information, please contact Gordon Waite.

(732) 977-2744