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22" Binocular Optics

Waite Research fabricates twin 22-inch F/4 primary mirrors and twin 5.5-inch elliptical secondary mirrors for a huge 22-inch binocular telescope.

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25" Renegade Build

Turning an old-school 25-inch F/5 into a modern 25-inch F/3 Renegade telescope.

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18" F/4.4 Refigure

Making a premium mirror out of a 1988 fixer-upper.

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Quartz 12.5" Renegade

Building our first 12.5-inch Renegade telescope, featuring a 3/4-inch-thick quartz primary mirror.

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16" Renegade Fab

Building a 16-inch Renegade Telescope with a light-weight 1-inch thick primary mirror.

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20" Renegade with DSC's

Building a 20-inch F/3 Renegade with Digital Setting Circles and Argo Navis installed.

Re: Eye Pieces
By gordon on June 06, 2016
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