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Renegade Telescope Named Star Product of 2015

Astronomy Magazine named the Waite Research Renegade 20 telescope one of the top astro-wares in 2015 (September 2015 pages 66-67). Astronomy Magazine emphasized that the 20" Dobsonian-style Renegade telescope package for $9,495 includes many high-end components. For more information on Waite Research mirrors and telescopes, call at 732-977-2744.


Telescope Mirror Fabrication

No waiting--we have primary mirror blanks in stock and ready for us to begin polishing. Put a Waite Research premium telescope mirror in a Renegade telescope structure and soon you will be enjoying the view. Contact

Renegade20-Starparty.JPGThe Renegade 20 is quick to set up and easy to transport. No need for a ladder. With its very wide field of view, the Renegade is exceptional for open clusters, galaxies, and nebulae.

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    Check out this 20" Renegade Telescope introduced at NEAF. If you are thinking about moving up to a large aperture telescope like this one, we have a finished premium 20" mirror by Gordon Waite ready for you. Talk to us today.

    Mirror-Making YouTube Channel Passes Milestone

    Gordon explains "My YouTube channel has over 1500 subscribers!  With about 30 videos, my channel has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views. I am pleased that my videos are so popular!

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    12.5-Inch Renegade Telescope Announced

    Waite Research is now featuring a 12.5” Renegade telescope. This innovative telescope design offers exquisite night views of Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon, as well as open clusters, nebulae and galaxies. And the portability of this instrument will make it a joy to use for those quick driveway and front-lawn observing sessions. 

    This scope includes a premium, hand-figured, Waite Research mirror and the top-end Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser. The price for the 12.5" Renegade telescope is $4,250 plus shipping. Email or call 732-977-2744 to place an order today.


    12.5” Renegade Telescope with precision Waite Research mirror offers fabulous views of the night sky.